Friday, May 7, 2010

Answering more questions...

1. the postpartum dresses for cjane are still in the works. Since she just had her beautiful baby, I had to do some more alterations on the first one. It will be done *very soon*.

2. I didn't line the skirt. I'm lazy. 

Not lazy-- just busy with other things. Like sewing cjane's dresses, for one. And going to school, for another.

3. yes, the exposed zipper is ten times easier than any other zipper, in my opinion. Doesn't have to be so exact and nit-pickey. I don't like nit-picky.


  1. Thanks for the answers! I love the look of this exposed zipper, can't wait to try it out since I'm so bad at invisible zippers ; )

  2. Have bought all materials and am going to make exposed zipper skirt. Soon, promise.