Thursday, May 6, 2010

Questions regarding the Skirt

I have many questions about the skirt aand the exposed zipper...which is great because I LOVE questions. 

Well, questions I can answer, that is. 

I made the skirt pattern myself, actually. Anything in this blog will never have a pre-made pattern connected to it. I have resigned to make all my patterns myself to learn and grow in sewing. But, lucky for you, there are patterns very similar to it: 

McCall's M5631

McCall's M5591

For the exposed zipper, I found the tutorial here. It is wonderfully easy and I would have NEVER known how to do it without the tutorial. 

Anyone who makes a skirt like mine with an exposed zipper and sends me a picture, will be featured on my blog and you get a free headband! Get sewing!

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