Saturday, July 3, 2010

Do you see this?

This is the blurry face of a woman who can't stop smiling because she has perfectly fitting wrap dress, under which she no longer needs to wear a camisole. The dress was altered to fit her petite shoulders, preventing the neckline from gaping open and cleavage hanging out. 

This is how a dress is supposed to fit people. Camisoles were only invented because clothing lines only make clothing to fit a B cup-- so that means the rest of us buy a larger size to fit our ample busts, letting our necks hang open and waistlines practically disappearing. 

My future clothing line will stop this problem. All the clothes will be made to fit cup sizes up to a DD. I'm even going to customize all orders by making each dress one at time with the waist and hip measurements dictating the size of each dress. You can't get more couture that this outside of the Chanel fashion house.

Excited yet? I am. My mind is running 24 hours a day on design, concept, and construction. It's going to be hard, but I can do hard things. 

Happy 4th. 


  1. Yes, that is me smiling. I can't wait to wear those dresses everyday. I was so sad to have to give it back to you. So exciting! You screamed and I did the can-can.

  2. Found your blog from a friend's. Amen sister! After having both of my babies - I am now a DD. Can't wait to see more of your design!

  3. Found your blog through cJane and have been loving it ever since. I sew too, but not nearly with the expertise you do, but you have inspired me to keep trying. Plus, I'm just waiting until your line is up and running so I can dream and maybe even splurge on something. Every time I buy a dress or piece of clothing for my torso, the waist they intend always falls to my hip, and the neck line and arm holes are always gaping and feel like they are down to my navel. I'm constantly pinning and sewing tucks everywhere. And I've given up on finding a winter coat that fits around my hips AND doesn't look hugely baggy on top. I figured out that the reason my five foot frame has this issue is because most of my petite frame is in my legs. My waist is so high, it's ridiculous. So I'm hoping you will be able to customize your line for people like me too. Either that, or come up with a Jane Austen line. That style at least works for me. =) I can't wait to see what you come up with for your line!

  4. nice job. you have more patience than i do.

  5. LOVE that dress!! Will you also be able to fit those of us who have other petite areas... just slightly below the shoulders? It's such a beautiful and complementary look on your model!

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