Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sneaky Peaky

I've started working on the first dress for my clothing line. I'm using the pink, gray, and black marc jacobs cotton eyelet I bought at Mood in LA. This dress is named "Anna", not for my sister, (sorry Anna), but for the stylish lady who co-writes a stylish blog. Have a Cute Day was the first blog to ever feature my sewing, so I asked Anna and Kjrsten if I could make dresses for them to feature my clothing line. They agreed to free clothes right away (who wouldn't?).

The Anna dress is going to be a color blocked style, with an a-line skirt and center front exposed zipper. I'm so excited for this dress and to see someone wear it like Anna. She sent me her bust cup size and her waist and hip circumfrence, and I altered my master pattern to her specific sizes. This is how I am going to do every order, so that each woman gets a customized fit, which is what I feel is so important in the postpartum period, and for every time of life in general! Postpartum or not, every woman has a body that isnt perfect, and the clothes for women, especially dresses, are meant to fit a "perfect", symmetrical and balanced body, no matter the size. If you aren't a B cup, clothing that is bought in a store is not going to fit right because because clothing at every store is sized to fit a B cup. So here is a solution: clothing that is sized to fit YOU personally, hand made by one girl (moi).

I hope you like it so far, Anna!

PS: the bodice and skirt are lined so that the eyelet isn't revealing. That would be weird.


  1. Oooh, I love it! I'm really excited about your clothing line. :)

  2. oh my garsh ! Anna is so lucky! This fabric looks incedible!

  3. amazing!! i'm so excited and don't know how i will sleep tonight!! ellen, you are awesome!