Thursday, July 22, 2010

Did anyone know...?

..that Joann'e will give you the leftover cardboard bolts if you ask for them? 

I had no idea until I went yesterday to buy some lining. I ended up buying a whole bolt of gray leopard ponte knit that I couldn't let go of. I imagined all my fabric from LA piled up in my office closet, disorganized and complete mess. I remembered how I wasn't supposed to buy anymore fabric (according to Steve). Then I saw the cutting lady put a cardboard bolt behind her in a giant pile. I asked her if I could have some for my growing planet of fabric at home. 

"OF COURSE! why didn't you say so?"

Peace at last with the invading fabric species.

The gray leopard ponte knit I couldn't live without.
The mess I lived with in the past, invading my closet. 

Winding up my pink Mar Jacob's eyelet I bought at Mood. 

Tidy and happy.

Going to Missouri tomorrow for a family reunion. Happy Pioneer Day Utah!

blogger is driving me insane.


  1. Well that's a bolt out of the blue! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Really like that leopard and the pink eyelet!!