Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My name is Ellen and it makes me happy when I have to take my bodice in.

Last night I sat at my desk wondering what I could do next after a billion hours of Poor Man's Wife orders: more PMW, finish drafting the first patterns for my clothing line, or work on snake dress. I voted the latter. 

I put together the whole bodice without the yoke top and tried on the bodice to see how my guesstimated princess seams had worked out. I have never made patterns with princess seams before, and princess seams that fit well are paramount for a well-fitting bodice. And I'm sorry, but well-fitting princess seams are more flattering than any other type of construction for a well-endowed woman. TO my pleasure, I had to take it in underneath my bust and in my tummy area. It made me happy. Pictured above is a pinned bodice ready for alteration. Struggling over the word 'bodice' Steve said: "that's the best fitting bodice I ever saw", when I showed him the finished product. I felt skinny. It made me happy.


  1. Ellen you are amazing. I love your blog. You have left me wishing for a larger cup size to enjoy all of your beautiful clothes.

  2. sounds like the bridal fair worked for you if you have lots of orders. congrats.