Sunday, July 18, 2010


On Saturday I was at the LaCaille bridal fair. I wasn't planning on doing this fair at all until last week when I got an email saying they had a booth cancellation and they were offering a 5x5' booth for half price (normally $700). I hadn't done a bridal fair since February, and I thought it was a good enough opportunity to get back in the circle of brides. Preferably, brides with money... and good taste. 

Steve took me to DI a couple days before to buy a table, tablecloth, and a few other nicknacks with the hope that the "poor" in "poor man's wife" wouldn't be too literal. When we pulled up to LaCaille at 10 am on Saturday, I saw the giant tables, 6' banners, and shiny tablecloths. It wasn't till I got inside until I realized how out of place I really was. I hurried to scrape off all the DI price tags off the wine glass that was going to hold my business cards I had made myself. It was high school all over again with my 1993 Saab hatchback breaking down every other weekend. Here I was, the poor man's wife. 

When the brides started to flow in at 11, I realized that I actually had the prime spot of the entire fair. It was right in front of the doors and the first booth the brides saw. I talked it up for three hours straight as the room became muggy and hot with so many stressed bodies inside. I met brides that were getting married on Halloween (my favorite), brides with no budget, brides who didn't know what their wedding colors were yet, and brides who brought their finaces (they were the surprising ones-- the appreciation for handmade goods was most noticeable in the grooms who took the time to actually come to a bridal fair). A koi fish pond flowed behind me, and I had to save an obnoxious kid from drowning in it by hurling him out the back door and sternly telling him to go find his mom. 


 I passed out about 500 business cards, got four others from different vendors, and sold two items on the spot. I think it was success, but I won't know until my poor man's wife inbox fills with orders. I'll tell you when I know. 

I got home exhausted, but decided to clean my sewing machine before going to bed. That machine is going to be my bread and butter for a long time. 


  1. What kind of machine do you use? My mom gave me her old serger, and I've been using my grandma's old sewing machine (a Singer from the 60's). But I want to upgrade. I'm thinking of buying used so I can get a fancier machine for less. My mom uses a Viking computerized one, but I can't get her to part with it. What do you suggest for someone who wants a longlasting machine that can do light chiffon type fabrics as well as heavy duty denim? I primarily sew bedding/draperies, and am just learning to sew clothing for myself. Plus, my husband is constantly giving me coveralls and jeans to mend. Any advice? I'd love to know what you think, since it's clear you know your stuff.

    I love the PMW booth. You are so talented. I wish I'd known about you when I got married.

  2. Inkling:

    I use and swear by my Bernina Activa 240. It is my baby, my pride and joy. I learned to sew on Berninas at BYU and have never gone off the path. It is great at sewing slippry and thick stuff. My serger is also a Bernina, the 1300MDC. I got it for its ability to sew denim so well, because I'm going to be using stretch denim in my clothing line.

    Hope that helps. All praise Bernina.

  3. yay ellen! good for you! i can't wait to see what the fair brings you!