Thursday, July 15, 2010

Working out of your home is no less tiring than working outside of it.

This Saturday I'm going to be selling my bridal veils and accessories at the La Caille Bridal Fair in Salt Lake City from 11-5 pm. I've been working all week to make sure I have enough stock to sell for the big day.

Having my own job, being my own boss, and working out of my home has always been a dream of mine. My dad runs his own architecture firm out of the garage of my his house. My grandpa ran and managed the Idaho Dairy Queens out of his home office. My aunt Leslie worked out of them home decorating beautiful houses in Salt Lake. All have been extremely successful making money and being able to support their families. My clothing line will all be sewn in my office, with my own hands. It is the dream I've always wanted because after years of working in retail sales I've never been one for the corporate world (unless I was running the corporation myself). I am a true entrepreneur at heart, I suppose.

My mother keeps telling me how lucky I am to live in Utah where home-based business is so huge and so encouraged. I see it as a blessing and a curse in that I can never separate my business life from my home life. when my husband comes home from his engineering jobs we talk fabric choices, brand name, and the cost of custom tags for about an hour before we start acting like husband and wife. But as I'm writing this, I realize that I just took an hour nap at 5 pm, went out to lunch with my mom for two hours, and I slept till 9.

I shouldn't be complaining. Working out of my home is fab-o.

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  1. wow! that really DOES sound like a dream job!! i think talking fabrics with my husband would be a little like flirting for us. i mean, he would only be listening to make me feel good about myself! ha! you are very lucky, ellen!!