Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I can't sleep, so I think I'll blog.

This past week and a half I've been working on a big job-- not Versailles big, but big enough to keep me busy for a week and a half. Andrea, who has very cute ginger head girls, hired me to make flower girl's dresses for said girls for her sister in law's wedding. It's going to be a fancy-shmancy wedding, and I'd like to think she hired the best around for such a job. The wedding colors are red and gold-- perfect holiday colors-- and the Gingers were lucky enough to get actual SILK dresses since I had this fabric left-over from my unfinished senior project. A seven and three year old in silk? Are we talking about my future children here? 

We had a fitting last Saturday, and luckily they fit like a dream. Gingers look great it gold.

The bodice is lined, but since the skirt had an overlay, I figured it would be too heavy with a lining as well. I hand stitched the entire lining to the bodice, which is very therapeutic and extremely non-distracting while watching a movie (or Gilmore Girl's season 6). 

A completed dress. Mind you, there is a completely non-visible invisible zipper in the back, which I will proudly say that I have mastered. If the Doc ever wanted to give me another test on invisible zippers, I would finally get an A (my first A in sewing test history).

However, I would not get an A on the hand-stitching section of the test with the crow-bar I had to use to do the darn stitches. It was all I could find. It still works and looks great, but thick blunt needles aren't really the easiest things to use for hand-stitching.

More pictures to come of the actual Gingers wearing the dresses. Last fitting on Saturday.

Mom: I dare you to find any grammatical error or misspelling in the above post. I dare ya!


  1. oooooh! Beautiful work. Can't wait to see both of them! Did you design or follow a pattern?

  2. Well....only because you dared me! "Gingers look great IN gold." But you know I think you are perfect regardless of a little grammar boo boo! Technically, this isn't a grammar boo boo just a typo! But YOU dared me! The dress looks beautiful! Like you!

  3. I love that design with those colors and that fabric. We used lavender and dark violet silk shantung for our flower girls, and I have to say I was a little bit sad that I didn't get to keep the dresses myself for any future little girls I might get to have. Silk is so delicious, in a non-eating, fabric sort of way. =)

  4. Oops. It wasn't shantung. It was dupioni. Still delicious.

  5. Love those darling little dresses. I can't wait to see them on the girls!