Thursday, September 9, 2010

In a rutt. A deep rutt.

This past week I have had no idea what to sew for myself. I have had the jobs and paying customers, yes, but no sort of inspiration for myself. I've looked back on past designs that i have done, but all should remain in the past, if you know what I mean. Late last Saturday I sat at my desk and just looked through magazine after magazine that I have saved trying to find inspiration. I dig get a lot of ideas (like I need a new coat and I have the perfect leopard print jacquard that would look amazing...), but I realized something about myself:

I am not in a rutt. I am a sewing coward. A coward! I was afraid to make any news patterns-- to do all that work of making a pattern and it just ends up as CRAP. This has happened many a time. I suppose it is all in the learning process, but it has made me a big coward. I am actually surprised when a pattern I have made actually works out on my body and actually looks flattering. Like my snake dress for example which should have been done right now, is deep in the mistakes suitcase because the skirt was totally skeewampus. And instead of starting over, I just don't want to return to that place of fearfulness.

I am actually starting to think that my personal skirt slopers are off. Slopers are basic pattern pieces that are customized to my body, and I think I need to make new ones.

So I'm a coward who needs new self esteem and new slopers. In the mean time, I decided to just sew from a pattern. I know that's not what this blog is about, but I just needed a break. I needed something to turn out perfectly for a change. So I started on this pattern that I have had forever and have been waiting to sew. I am doing collar C, which is the top left corner collar:

Vogue 8413
Now I did have to do quite a bit of altering on this one for my crazy asymmetrical body. I had to make the shoulders narrow, alter for a D-cup, alter for my bad posture, and make it a tad bit smaller (which definitly helps with my cowardice). It looks great so far. I just have to put on the collar, finish the zipper, hem, and finish the lining with a few hand-stitches. I just might but a giant black snake on the collar.

This pattern is extremely flattering, as you can see (I'll toot my own horn often). I really really really like it. Anna, my sister, is always telling me to wear things that are more form fitting on my hips and not so a-line or poofy (I am a poofy skirt whore-- I just like them. And they don't always look so great on me. I can take a hint, Anna). So I went with the straight skirt for once, and Anna was right. Ok, Anna? You're right.

The fabric is a great poly-wool blend that I found in Joanne's clearence bin. Finding fabric I love and then using it right away helps my cowardice. It's black with bright blue woven into it. Wool dress with black tights and black heels for winter? Yes please!!!

Vogue patterns are the best out there, so I really don't consider this cheating for my blog. I am going to do a couple more patterns I think, until I get back in the groove of things. All vogue all the way, baby.


  1. Ellen! You are right, Vogue patterns are the best! And that exact pattern just so happens to be the one my mom used for my flower and then white wedding luncheon dress! You look AMAZING in that pattern! Anna was right the straight skirt beautifully flatters your little waist and excellent "assets." Basically you look great, ok? You just look great.

  2. Lady, I totally get what you are talking about.

    While you sew, I cook. And I am a total coward. Afraid of things not turning out and I just stay in my comfort zone.

    And when I lose my 30 pounds of Baby Violet weight, I want you to make me that dress in deep purple. We'll chat.

  3. this is lovely on you! and by the way, you are not a coward!! um, i happen to know from experience with you (hint hint)! you are awesome and sometimes we all need a break from things that are hard. so take a break. and you'll be back in no time at all!!

  4. The dress is very flattering on you. I wish my figure would look as nice. Have given up sewing clothes eons ago. But do remember when I would buy a pattern on Friday or Saturday and have a new dress for work on Monday. How satisfying is that.

    Thanks for sharing your creations.