Monday, September 13, 2010

I have fabric coming out of my ears.

I have a lot of fabric. A lot. Trips to New York and LA as well as frequent trips to Joann's to raid their clearance section and occasional trips to Yellow Bird for a treat has built my stash to the brim of all the ikea drawers I bought to sustain the growth. Drawers are now full and yet I keep buying the stuff. I can't really help it when fabric screams at me like it does. When I went to New York a year and a half ago with the Doc and my sewing class we went to Mood. I was dying with excitement when I went up the elevator to Mood's three or four floors of fabric, and that fabric scream was like an avalanche of silk, lace, and lycra. It was far too overwhelming for me to buy anything (something I still regret to this day).

The scream I can handle enough now to decide when I really want in a store. I am educated on fabric quality and characteristics, and now I know what I like. The avalanche of intimidation (yes, fabric can be intimidating) is no longer. 

To prove how I have grown up, I have made my own swatch board of all the fabric I have. For truth, I was bored and felt like a little organizing. It's a good thing to have when you have so much fabric to deal with-- half of them I forgot I had. 

I'm heading to Joanne's today to buy, well, some grey and white polka dot silk/poly charmeuse whose scream is still ringing in my ears. I have a coupon after all.


  1. i spy a few that i LOVE. i don't buy fabric unless i know what it's for because i'm not a seamstress and i have nowhere to stock it. stockpile away girl! you have great taste!

  2. Oh my gosh. It has never occurred to me to make a swatch board like that. I too did fashion design in college (a billion years ago) and have more fabric than sense. This is the best idea ever! Thanks so much.