Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sea of Polkadots.

My blue/black wool dress is almost finished. I have to let the standing collar set over night with some steaming so the shape is permanent (thank you tailoring class). I really really like this dress and I'm glad I did it. More pics tomorrow with the thing actually on me. I'm not sure where to put the snake...I was thinking the collar but it is too small. perhaps it should wrap around the neckline and over the shoulder seams?? This dress looks SOOO good on!

While the collar steams, I started working on my second pattern project. I love a good wraparound dress to enhance the waist. This vogue pattern caught my eye, and so did the gray and white polka dot print from Joannes.

For some reason, blogger insists that this picture be cocked 90 degrees. You'll have to tilt your head to get that this is the wraparound front.

I hope my sister, Anna, approves of this dress. She hates polka dots due to the past popularity of them in certain church meetings. I usually don't like them either, but this color scheme has converted me just this once.


  1. can't wait to see it..polka dots and all.

  2. i love polka dots! can't wait to see the snake dress complete!