Monday, September 27, 2010

It serves me right for losing a follower.

my followers are precious to me. I check my blog everyday just to make sure that a) i have the same 78 followers i had the day before, and b) if I have nay new comments. BUt how am i supposed to keep followers if I don't reciprocate by actually giving them something to follow? I havent blogged in a few days, yes I know. and i lost a follower, and I never even knew her name (yeah, i'm gonna assume it was a her). Very sad. I hate losing people I don't know at all because it hurts my ego immensly. my inconsistent posting isn't enough for you people? well then, I'm giving a c-jane-esque challenge to myself by posting everyday until christmas. YES I AM. YES I CAN. That means...i need to be doing something everyday that resembles sewing. 

I have been a little distracted in the past week and a half. No, i lie. I have been as unfocused as a kaleidoscope this past week and a half. I've tried to do anything but sew, including organizing my entire office, clean the walls of my apartment, taking bridgette to tanner park every day... anything to keep me from fabric.  This has happened to me before, this lack of interest in the thing i claim to love. And I even forced myself to finish my snake dress and I didn't even want to post it. how odd. I could have convinced the follower to stay just one more day if I had posted something. 

Now, I am going to stop complaining and get out of this funk I've been in. Here is what I'm posting today that sort of resembles sewing: 

Pictures of my newly organized office. the problem with my office before is the closet was overflowing with stuff that was hard to get too. So i moved out all the books that we never read from the bookshelf and put my stuff in there, like old patterns, thread, pattern paper, the works. 

steve fixed my old shelves above my desk.

more room in my closet. 
see you tomorrow, ladies.


  1. I had 83 followers and yesterday i lost one! (posting has gone downhill since school started)but i just got a new one! yay! all is restored :)

  2. keep the posts a'comin! I remain a faithful follower : )

  3. I joined today :) Looking forward to more!

  4. I make sure to check up, I wish I could sew like you! Maybe I'll finally take the intensive sewing class and start repurposing clothes. But for now, I get my fix checking your blog and hoping for some new goodies.