Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Chirstmas Goose!

I am making my older sister, Anna, a coat for Christmas this year. I usually buy her jewelry or headbands, but this time I thought I'd step it up and go all out with her own coat. She was very excited. 

Yesterday we headed to Joanne's to pick up fabric and a pattern. We settled on McCall's 5525 primarily for the collar, but I am changing the entire silhouette to be a straight Audrey Hepburn (Anna's idol) styled coat. The pattern was basically a trench or pea coat, so we had to alter it up a bit to get this: 

I promise it will look ten times better with the fabric we picked out. Muslin doesn't do much. We hope to outcome is something like this:

Audrey in "charade". Anna's coat won't be orange.

The fabric is a polyester-wool blend hounds-tooth with black, navy, and brown colors. The lining is going to be purple!!!

Anna with her selected fabrics. The total came out to $55 for everything. Quite the steal.
 Alterations are made and problems are corrected with Muslin mock-ups. The great thing about coats is that there is usually little alterations to do because it isn't as close fitting to the body. Little alterations = happy Ellen. Anna really only needed her left sleeve raised a bit on the shoulder. Anna is also a freak of nature when it comes to her body. She is missing an entire muscle in her shoulder. Where did it go, you ask? Anna was born this way, the poor dear. She willingly takes all donations to supplement her handicapped life, and will tell anyone who stands next to her about her ailment as a woman with a missing shoulder. 

I'm kidding, about most of that. And her shoulder really is missing a muscle.  

We love Bridgette.
After out initial muslin fitting today, Anna and I went to lunch at pei-wei. Then on to DSW where we bought the exact same shoes in different colors, then to Nordstrom where we perused the accessories department for about 2 hours trying on every single headband we could find and clutch in our shopaholic grasps of passion. We were in Nordstrom for 2 hours.  

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