Friday, October 15, 2010

Completely unrealted, but important nonetheless.

I have received many questions about my footwear the past few posts. I'd like to clear it all up and give the people what they want. I take my shoes very seriously, as most women should. Shoes complete a look and really define personal style. But you know all this. 

The shoes I wore with my snake dress are from DSW. The shoes aren't selling online anymore, but I have still seen them in two DSW stores that I've been to since I bought them. I actually have them in two colors: gray and black. They are that great. Extremely comfortable, not too high but high enough in the heel. And neither pair cost more than $50. Brand: Anne Klein.Who doesn't love bows??

The next pair I wore with my polka dot dress. They are red patent leather mary janes with a wedge heel. I love these shoes. I bought them my senior year of high school four years ago. There is no love truer. Unfortunately, this exact pair are obviously no longer sold. I bought them at Macy's on sale for about $50. I did find this designer pair at DSW, but super expensive. I found this other comparable pair, but since I only have tried my shoes, I can't really give a comment on quality, comfort, etc. 

Moral of the story: I'm not buying anymore shoes until next summer.

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