Friday, December 17, 2010

I hate craft blogs.

I do. Tis true. I hate them because most of the stuff that is posted is either ugly or too hard to make for an average person.

However, so I don't look like a Scrooge, I eat my own words with this post. The other day Anna and I made Christmas crafts. We were eating lunch at Pei Wei when we decided that the stockings we were going to make that afternoon weren't very inspiring. We wanted to make really long "nightmare before Christmas" style knitted stockings without actually knowing how to knit-- an impossible task. You have to understand something about Anna and me: we aspire to be in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, so decorations have to be perfect and match our decor seamlessly. We take a lot of pride in our homes and put a lot of work into them, so Christmas decorations like stockings become an all-day ordeal.

Long story short, Christmas stockings turned into Christmas bird houses to hang on the fire place-- an ingenious idea that came from Moi. We bought our wood birdhouses from Joanne's, spray paint, glitter, and birds from Michael's, and fake snow from Target (why one store couldn't have all of this is beyond me and the power of this blog). I painted mine silver with blue birds to match my tree and decor, and Anna did her houses in gold with red birds. What I love about this project is that I have never seen anything like it before, and I might put mine, Steve's, and Bridgette's name on each one with puffy paint eventually.

So we painted them, put the glitter on the little holes, glued the birds, put snow on top, and then to make it extra Chrissy we trimmed them with red bows. Without the multiple trips to craft stores, we made these houses from paint to bow in about 2 hours. Plus it was fun.

They look way better in Anna's house because her fireplace is 100 years old. Mine is... just ugly. I rent my apartment so I can't really do anything about it. I do what I can, people.

I was feeling extra crafty when Anna left. I proceeded to make this wreath that I found on Have A Cute Day. I love love love this wreath even though it took me about six hours to make. You need A LOT of pom-poms, about 50, to make it look good. It was worth the work!

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  1. Really, really cute! I have crafty daughters!!! Who would have thought?