Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recovery of a chair, part deux

I had a sudden burst of energy last night after dinner. I saw my chair, and I saw the fabric lying there, looking so pretty and perfect for my living room, and I couldn't take it any longer! I needed a recovery!

This is just the seat of the chair, the pillows come after. It was SOO easy to do. I cut out my pieces using the old chair fabric as the pattern, and then just tucked and stapled. I then put the stained arms back on. I can tell you right now the hardest part of the whole chair is going to be the pillows. 

Recovery of the back:

The back piece of the chair was the most complicated. I had to attach a giant piece of fabric without showing any staples-- harder than it looks. First I stapled the material right sides together to the top of the back, flipped it over, and used these long strips of nails to attach the sides.

Long strip of nails that the chair already used before with the fugly fabric. I straightened it, positioned it in the fabric with the spikes coming through, and then nailed it into the chair.

One side done! With the other side, I did the same thing as the first and stretched it as tight as I could. I then nailed the bottom of the piece of fabric to the chair. Viola!

The corners were a beast to make perfect. This one pictured may need some hot glue as reinforcements.
I love this project, and I'm gonna love this chair. I hope the cushions are nice to me.