Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why does this happen to me ALL THE TIME??

Yesterday and well into last night I finished sewing the cushions for my chair. I KNOW I KNOW, the chair is basically done, and in three days no less? Well, not entirely. But let's go through step by step everything I had to do to finish these darn cushions (no, they were NOT nice to me at all). 

For some insane reason, I took apart the seat cushion completely about a week ago. Which means that when I actually started sewing the new cushion cover, I had no idea what piece went on which cushion and the order. I also had NO pictures taken of the cushion before I started sewing. What I learned: take photos when you are recovering anything. It will save you hours of searching on the internet for a chair that isn't even made anymore and save your eyes from looking really closely at the monitor as you try to figure out what is going on on these darn cushions in pictures that have your chair in the background. I went to bed Tuesday night trying to figure out how to put together the seat cushion with pieces that I wasn't sure were right at all. It finally dawned on me yesterday afternoon that what I thought was the seat cushion was actually the back cushion and vise versa! The feeling was like a soft breeze of what I can only describe as "hallelujah". A total surge of energy came with that soft breeze and all I wanted was to get this darn chair done. Completely done. 

Two problems.

Number 1: As I tried to zip up the last zipper on the back cushion, the zipper broke. FAIL. I had a temper tantrum afterward that resulted in me slamming my bedroom door in Steve's face... not cool. As it was 9:33, Joanne's was already closed. Steve and I share a car so going to Joanne's tomorrow for a new zipper would mean waiting until about 5:30 when Steve got home. Case in point: I am impatient. So what did I do? I sewed the opening up instead. When I feel like putting in a zipper that wants to cooperate, I'll put it in. But for now, the cushion is sewed up completely. Ha!

The back cushion, in all it's glory. Piping around the edge, even! Piping is supremely easy to make and also makes unprofessional jobs look paid for.
The seat cushion went off without a hitch. I have to say, that besides all the problems I did have, recovering this chair was easy. I don't want to jinx myself, but I honestly feel that anyone with a little sewing experience could do what I did. Granted, I only had the seat and back of a chair to do plus it's cushions. No arms. Arms would be harder, I believe. 

Can you imagine trying to stuff the seat cushion in the back's cover (as they are completely different shapes)? I tried. I tried until I admitted to myself I was doing it wrong. 

And then here is problem Number 2 as to why my chair isn't quite done yet: I had to do some retouching on the stain of the arms. It is still drying. It has been drying for about two days now. Did I mention I am impatient? Hopefully pictures will be here birthday. 

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