Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another day, another stupid zipper.

I finished Whitney's skirt this morning without a hitch. It looks awesome. Pics will come when I deliver it. 

After that, I started working on replacing the zipper on my latest PD after three messed up zippers were in. This one, the FOURTH ZIPPER, also failed. A zipper fail is so frustrating. 

I did everything for this zipper that I explained yesterday with me new-found techniques. They are great, but I still couldn't zip it up at my waist. I thought that maybe the threads that I basted it with were overlapping into the zipper teeth, making it not zip up. It was hard to unpick because I couldn't see anything (black thread on black fabric is always impossible to see) and I think I messed up the teeth, and when I tried to zip up, the zipper head just came off. GREAT. Another $3 will be spent on yet ANOTHER zipper. blah blah blah. story of my life. 

Pictured is how I followed the technique I explained yesterday. The waist seam line was already serged together, so I clipped the seam allowance about 1" to the zipper, and spread it open so that the seam wouldn't be too bulk. Clipping the seam allowance isn't advisable, but it's all I could do without taking out all the serging I had already done. I hope my dreams come true and this dress is worn someday. That'll be the day...

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