Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I feel like my life has been stagnant for three years-- since Steve and I got married. Sure I graduated college, and we got Bridgette, but nothing has really happened to us for three years that has required a lot of change. It was nice to live this way for so long, with no real responsibilities besides paying the rent and saving money every paycheck. We've lived for ourselves and we really enjoyed it. All of the sudden on Sunday we realized we couldn't live this way anymore. We were once care-free birds, but a moment later we were planning Graduate School for Steve, buying a new car, perhaps having children in the next year. In 24 hours our lives changed completely, and I realized last night as the Bachelor was muted on TV and I was sketching, that I could no longer keep making PDs every week. PDs are stagnant, and it's true when they say our lives are reflected in our art. I was getting lazy. I enjoyed not having to make a new pattern for a new outfit all the time, but that won't help me grow up at all. If I ever want to be on Project Runway, or own my own clothing line, I have to step up and take chances, learn from my mistakes. As Steve and I join the growing up process again, so will my art. And it will all be displayed here, in my digital escape from the day to day. 

Things I want to try:

Making a coat/jacket pattern.

Experimenting more with knits and lighter weight fabrics. 

Making tops like I used to!

3 dimensional designs. 

A suit.

Was there a time where you realized you could no longer be stagnant in art, work, or everyday life?


  1. Probably the day after my wedding (also day after graduation). Rich had mono, we were about to move across the country, and I was going to be unemployed. Funny how fast life can change in a couple of hours. I envy your ability to do it gradually--I don't recommend making every possible life change at the same time, as it may take six months to get your head back on straight :) I'm so excited for you!!!

  2. Great post, Ellie!Great life ephiphany!!!