Thursday, February 3, 2011

I hope someday to look in my bank account and find something there. It's saving, right?

Hello all! I am back from the dead and I missed you! I am 100% better, and taking extreme action this week to catch up. This week meaning the next two days, and next week. 


I bought an Invisible Zipper Foot!!! I am SO happy I did. I'm trying it out today on my latest PD that needs finishin'. Pictures to come of finished product and review of the zipper foot, but here are the deats:

- It cost over $50 dollars, and I couldn't find it cheaper online anywhere (hence the stressed-out title of this post). Crazy, right? But I'm trying to think of it as an opportunity cost (business jargon) in that it would cost me more to rip out stupid zippers that fall apart all the time. And maybe I'll be able to have my semi-natural black hair a little longer without grays creeping in. 
- The main reason why it cost so much is that it's Bernina. I know that other sewing machine accessories don't cost this much. I am a Bernina snob and will never use anything else. 

I FINALLY put in all the papers to get my Business License as a seamstress and hair-accessories creator! YAY for productivity and checking things off that list! So next year I'll finally be able to count things as "business expenses", which is exciting. Like lunches where I "talk business", or a car with a "Poor Man's Wife" decal, or all my "business supplies" like a $50 zipper foot.......should I have waited a week to get that? Great. Already screwed up.

So here is to a great month like February where we get things done, such as building your savings account!

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