Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm STILL SICK! What is going on? I think what was a cold is now a sinus infection. What's weird is that I felt absolutely fine yesterday, until I fell asleep watching the SAG awards and woke up with a slight fever. SO bizarre. I feel OK now, but I think I 'm developing a bad cough.

Steve and I didn't see any celebrities up in Park City. Not a one. It was so sad. Steve made the observation that Park City during the Sundance Film Festival is the only time where people on the streets actually look you in the eye as they pass. Steve kept waiting for someone to mistake him as Ryan Gosling, which wouldn't be rude at all (but somewhat of a stretch)!

Speaking of celebrities and the SAG awards (and since I haven't sewn in a couple of days), here are my favorite dresses from last night and the Golden Globes. Agree or disagree?

Hailee Steinfeld in Prada. I love how young and daring it is! It think my little sister should wear something like this for prom.

Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway in Versace and Van Cleef & Arpels, respectively. Sleeves are in  and I'm loving it!
Emma Stone in Calvin Klein. Love love love the sleeves and simplicity, but surprise sexiness, of this dress.

Ok, back to bed.


  1. Poor sick face Ellen. Boo. :(

    When I was up at Park City this weekend, I had on a staff pass and I was hoping someone would say, "Oh! A staff pass! How did you get one of those?" And I was going to say that Robert Redford is my grandpa.

    When we were walking up Main Street, we loved listening to passing conversations. My favorite was this tidbit, "We thought there were going to be some raw gypsies running around f$%#ing each other." WHAAAAT?

  2. Love them! I like Anne's better than Angelina's - it's less frumpy. And the bottom of Hailee's is super cute. Hope you feel better soon!