Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Details, part deux

I decided to nix the wave pattern that i was planning on yesterday, and opted for roses. I was sure it would turn out much better than the waves, and much easier to hem with the hem facing that I like to use on my skirts. The hemming was tricky where the roses lay on the bottom of the skirt, but it was still doable. I do think I need more roses, because when I wear it, you can hardly see the rose detail from the front. So more roses it is! I hope I can finish this skirt tomorrow. I still need to line it. 

I finished the edges of my roses by serging an overlock stitch before top stitching the roses on the skirt. This stitch I've been using recently on this organza fabric- it makes it look really professional and more "done" than just leaving the edges raw.

PS: I had to do the zipper twice-- I was stitching too close to the zipper teeth on the first try. 

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