Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ignore the shirt-- I didn't make it.

My skirt is done and I LOOOVVVEEE it. I love the lining, I love the flowers (I didn't add more), and I love the cut and length of the skirt. It is perfect for a complete suit, don't you think? The lining is the same stretch charmeuse  from Whitney's yellow skirt-- I bought about ten yards of it so I could use it more! And no, I am not wearing any makeup nor did I have a shower in the following photos.

A sewing tip:

When cutting out your waistband facings for skirts, cut the waist edge and bottom edge of the facing 1/8" more, so that when you favor the edges of the waistline seam, the facing won't run wider than the waistband, making it easier to finish the edges and secure the lining to the skirt. This will also stop waistbands and yokes bubbling from a facing that is too wide.


  1. I am loving the cut of this skirt!
    My 'pinion of the roses is that (they're lovely) but they maybe could do with being less 'random square at the edge?' and maybe a few coming down into a more triangular shape and a couple tiny ones scattering further along the widthe of the hem?
    if that made sense- cant wait to see everything else! x

  2. The skirt is fantastic! And I especially love the lining.

  3. hey, friend! this blog is awesome! i'm so impressed, and i LOVE the skirt. it looks fabulous on you!