Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I sew even when I have to make a blouse three times for it turn out well.

My title is right. I have now made my shirt three times so far, but I think I have finally hit the nail on the head, and I now also have a pattern that is perfect for all future blouses. The first blouse you saw, and it was a total fail. The second blouse I made was from my snake dress pattern, but I had a few issues with the chest:

Because I am not a B cup, easing the princess seams together on the chest was a bit difficult, and it came out looking like gathers-- not very flattering for a larger cup size, AND remember how I said last time you need to add 7" to a bodice pattern to make a shirt? Make that 9". So I scrapped the whole shirt and started again. I wonder why I didn't use muslin first??? *slaps head*

The easing on the next try went a lot better after I fixed the pattern. I had to make the cup size for the shirt smaller than usual-- that may be wrong, but it was the only way it was going to fit properly! Sometimes I just have to break the rules. And it does fit very well.

I used flat-felled seams for the seam finishes, which makes it look uber-professional and not home-made. It took a ton of time to do, but it was well worth it.  I am extremely proud of my hem, by the way. The last time I did a clean finish hem like this was when I made my husband a dress shirt in one of my sewing classes, and I accidentally hemmed it to the outside of the shirt instead of the inside-- I have learned a few things about paying attention and being focused since that class.

Tomorrow I'll have the neckline done (still debating on what I'm going to do for that-- to ruffle or not to ruffle?) and hopefully the sleeves.

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