Monday, April 11, 2011

I hope this sunshine lasts.

my jacket is really coming along! After I finished fitting the Muslin mock-up and figured out the collar, I cut it out with the fashion fabric, a jacquard weave leopard print. The fabric is very voluminous in the way it behaves-- I really have to press it well to get a good seam and shape. The collar looks great as well, and I'm happy with the design I chose (for the most part-- I think I'm going to make the front hem have more rounded corners). I interfaced the back, hem and front pieces with regular fusible interfacing. I want this to be a light jacket, so fusible tricot interfacing will definitely suffice for this project. Next, I have to make the facing and lining patterns. 

You should always interface the upper back of jackets. It's just better quality and helps the jacket last longer and keep it's shape.

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