Monday, May 23, 2011

What's this? I'm sewing for myself? ON A WEEKDAY?

I got up the energy Saturday night while waiting for SNL to come on, and I started sewing a blouse that has been sitting at my sewing table for the past, well, month or so. It is looking super cute so far, and I love the lightness of the fabric and print together. I'm not totally sure what I'll be doing for sleeves yet, but I am thinking elbow length bell sleeves, like these:

Thank goodness I love sewing things that I've never sewn before, because if I were a Scared Sewer (as I like to call it) I wouldn't have the job I have today. Speaking of my job: I am getting used to the work day, which means I have more energy after work, which means I'll be forcing myself to sew and not sit in front of the TV eating Oreos. Yay for productivity!  Boo for Scared Sewers.

Speaking of work again: Remember what I posted about my so-called Devil Wear's Prada boss? She has been showing more respect for me and my talent lately, which makes my job that much better. Yay for proving myself!

More tomorrow (as I eat an Oreo).


  1. I like that you will be forcing yourself to sew, but I still totally support sitting in front of the TV eating Oreos.

    And I love that fabric!

  2. I REALLY like that fabric.

  3. you are amazing. your job sounds fantastic. I am proud of you. why? cause I am your aunt.