Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello again. How are you?

I did it! I forced myself for one hour to sew tonight! It's amazing how much time it takes to do simple things in sewing. Instead of starting a whole new project, I decided against abandoning my blouse I started on a million minutes ago and went ahead with it. Tonight I added the ruffle to the neckline, edge-stitched the ruffles on the princess seams, and sewed on the button extensions on CF.

This picture is not very clear at all, but I promise one of me modeling when the sleeves are done.

It felt great to use my little Bernina again! The machines at work are nice, but not like my little Bernina. It runs so smoothly without noise, the wheel is easy to turn, and as long as I oil it every 8 hours (which could be three times a day for me when I really get sewing-- the math works out), it will last me forever. My mom has had her Bernina over 30 years, and it is still great. I remember going to Dave's Bernina in Provo three years ago with my Mom and she bought my little baby for me. My life changed that day, as cheesy as it sounds. Really, who knew?

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  1. Are your work machines industrial machines? If they are, there's a trick to get the handwheel to turn easier. Push lightly on the pedal but not enough to make the motor go until the handwheel moves easily. Hope this helps!