Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a one-woman-band, and I play all the instruments.

When I don't blog for awhile, I get scared to come back and see that nothing is left standing. This is why it makes it that much harder to just sign into my google account and see my followers trickling away, like bricks on that old vacant house. Thankfully, and probably because I am most annoying about my followers, I haven't lost A ONE. yay. You really have no reason to stay with me: this house needs a good paint job.

Work is... how do I put this?... taking over my life, and not in a good way. Steve and Bridgette have become so accustomed to the life that I provide for them, so I can't quit (that and we are trying to save up to a house). But you know what the good part is? My job hasn't taken over my mind at all-- I have "design thoughts" and "business ideas" everyday. What have I been dreaming of lately, you ask? Perhaps a line of children's clothing sold in boutiques. I'm also dreaming of a black dress with bell sleeves and a ruffle placket down the Front. yumm.

It's not like I come home and don't sew or work for myself. That's far from the truth. I sketch, sew, fix old things, but I just don't blog about them.. perhaps I should? This blog really needs to stay alive, right?



  1. RIGHT! Sorry you are hating your job. Think of it as the dues you have to pay before you make the big time. :)

  2. Right Right Right!! Please keep posting! I check every day with the hope that there will be something new that I can read, but I haven't seen anything in forever!! I miss you! I want to see all your brilliant ideas, so post them! Love you :)