Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What was i thinking?

Sewing Man Statue in NYC

 For Robin Hood dress, I want to make the bell sleeves out of black silk chiffon. I went to Joann's today to see if they had it.

Joann's would never have SILK chiffon. Silk doesn't even exist for them. Since when does Joann's have quality fabric? Since when am I an idiot? 

I have to resort to the good ol' Fashion Fabrics Club for my quality fabrics. I find that this online vendor has the best prices and such a HUGE selection. It can't be beat. If I'm not going to Yellow Bird, I'm going to FFC.

I found this black silk chiffon...I know the price is a bit much, but for one dress, one NICE dress, it is worth the extra pennies for quality. That is professional opinion.

I don't know what to do about lining my petal skirt, because the only tricot I can find comes in a 12 yard bolt...I don't even need that much, but I might buy it anyway. I guess it would be nice to have for $111. Geesh. Why is it so hard to come buy? Tricot is used A TON in knit suits and dresses for fashion houses, so why would it be so hard for home sewers to come by? I'm buying that bolt...but I need to wait for my next paycheck...

I'm already planning my next project...a red silk chiffon blouse. I've never made anything red before, isn't that crazy? I have this outfit in my head... red silk blouse...black skinnies... black boots....in NYC, of course. Whenever I imagine outfits I'm in New York City. Steve asked me today what I think about when I'm bored at work, and this was the order of my reply: Clothes to make, clothes to buy, what we are eating for dinner, and New York City. And then him.

For my outfit I found this red silk chiffon and this red jersey to use as a lining. I have a blouse from Anne Taylor that is chiffon with a knit undershirt...It's totally genius to have a knit underlining to a breezy silk blouse, because then the blouse has structure and comfort built in for the wearer. I can't wait to make this. And wear it in the Large Apple.

Problem is: I have to wait to buy all this fabric and for it all to come in...so these projects are halted as of now. I guess it's time to return to the stock piles in my sewing room and make a few skirts, maybe even a blouse. Hooray for being economical and using the fabric I already have for projects!

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