Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week was a busy week for me. Too busy to blog. Sorry for the belated post. 

I ordered my fabric today (as it is payday), so the stuff I need for Robin Hood will be here in probably a week and a half. For the meantime, I started on a chiffon blouse that for I already had fabric.I want to make this blouse, see how it goes, and model my red one that I will be making after it. 

The fabric is s ilk chiffon Anna Sui print. It's gorgeous. I'm scared to use it before I really know about my pattern, so I'm going to make it first with a cheap polyester chiffon I bought at Joann's. Isn't it great (even if only draped over a chair)?

My blouse is going to be flow-y with or without a belt, like my two favorite blouses; the first one is from Banana, the second from Ann Taylor. The wrinkled Ann Taylor is what I talked about last time, in that it has a knit lining that hugs the body as the chiffon glides over you. I have a great black jersey that I'll try for my blouse. 

Cross Fingers! Hopefully I'll have the cheap mock-up ready for ya'll tomorrow. 

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  1. i love this shape of shirt, it is so universally flattering :) it will look beautiful in the anna sui! i hope the trail goes well!