Monday, September 12, 2011

Anna Sui and sweatpants do not mix.

I'm close to being done with my blouse! Sewing the knit lining and chiffon shell was easier than what I expected. I serged both layers together at the neckline with a 5/8 seam allowance, then under-stitched the lining. I then turned the blouse right side out, serged the armholes together just to keep them in place, and then sewed in the one sleeve. Bad-a-bing. Moral of the story: don't be afraid to try new things. It's not that scary once you start it. Buck up. 

I really need to get better lighting in my bedroom so my toilet isn't in every photo.

I did sew the shell side seams with a french seam. I'm to lazy.busy.tired to do a how-to with pictures and all, so I'm just going to use my words. 

1. French seams are sewn with wrong sides together, at first, with a 1/4" seam allowance. 

2. press the seam allowances open, and then together again. Trim to 1/8". 

3. Flip the pieces so that it will be sewn right sides together. Sew a 3/8" allowance, encasing the 1/4" allowance. 

4. Viola, you have a wonderful and clean unexposed seam allowance. yay. 

One seam at the base (in the dark thread), and the other on the peak of the seam allowance.

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