Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration of Late

I subscribe to three different magazines, which are all read from cover to cover every month and pages are ripped out when a dress, coat, or top, even shoes peak my interest and my mind enters a frenzy of ideas and colors.

My magazines are:

I love W because it focuses on high-end fashion, and it's nice to see the clothes that I would never see in my life in Utah. It helps me dream of other lands... Paris, London, New York (all my favorites). And I love how large the magazine is, in terms of page size. I'm pretty sure its printed on 10x14 paper. It's large with importance.

I love Vogue because it reports on a lot of stories from the fashion world about new designers, the future of fashion jobs, and what famous designers are doing to change things up and stay current. And the editorials are, of course, amazeballs. 

Lucky may be an off choice, but I love it's focus on just the clothes. The pictures are simple and straight forward with the clothes laid out so the reader can see every detail. 

I have a box full of rippings, plus stuff I print out online. I look threw it every month or so, throwing out old stuff that I wonder why I ever kept in the first place, and also remembering older pictures that before had truly inspired. I think every sewer/designer should do this. You have to know what's happening out side of your own head. 


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