Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Big Reveal

I really love my table. I love it when my eyes land on it as I walk into my apartment (As Oprah says: "my home stands up and greets me"...or something like that) . The candlestick holder that my sister got me last Christmas looks mighty fine-- much better on this than the stark black table I had once. My favorite part? The white dipped chair legs. I hope you enjoy looking at my re-do as much as I do!!!

It's not all peachy-king though. I do have the bumby lines from the paint tape on the border, but I left a box of soda cans on the top of the table for a couple days, and when I picked it up this happened:

&%($&%(%*!!!!!!!!!!!! Was my veneer not all the way dry??? can someone tell me what I did wrong?

Still, I am proud of myself. 

If you are just joining me on my big adventure here is:

Part 1: sanding
Part 2: primer
Part 3: paint


  1. your interior designing posts make me wish I had furniture! LOVE the table and chairs!

  2. WELL done. I especially like that Bridget is in the "after" pics :)

  3. I think it looks great! I'm no furniture expert (I did this dresser for my girls...but used polyurethane on the top instead of polyacrylic and now it has a slight yellow tint but at least you can hardly tell)

    What did you use on top of the paint? (and this is Elise's sister by the way :)

  4. I used a water-based varnish, a polyurathane actually, called Varathane. No yellow tint for me! That's weird that happened to your dresser...