Saturday, November 5, 2011

The never-finished blouse

Last night I finally hunkered down and finished my Anna Sui blouse that has been hanging in my sewing room for weeks now just begging to be hemmed. The roll-hem foot that I've been practicing with is tricky...especially on a very loose-weave light-weight chiffon like mine. The blouse is tucked in for the pictures because, well, the hem just sucks. I think I'll just wear the blouse under dresses or tucked in from now on... I can't really fix the hem right now because unpicking it would just ruin the fabric, and cutting it off would make the blouse just too short for my taste. O well. My next blouse will be that much better!


  1. it is gorgeous!! (and i'm still reading faithfully, btw. so more please!!!!!)

  2. Bad hem or not, I think it's beautiful!