Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That chill in the air.

Man, it was a great day. I rocked it out at work (didn't mess up once!), made the most amazing steak ever for dinner, and then I rocked it out in my sewing room tonight for dessert:

Pinterest has truly inspired some amazing designs out of me. My favorite thing is to take three or four dresses or skirts or other articles of clothing and combining to make them my own. It is such a great digital bulletin board of wonderful ideas. So follow me if your interested in what I'M interested in...which is happens to be a lot of design and how- to projects.

The chill in the air has made me want a new coat, and not just any old coat from a store, but a coat that I MAKE! I haven't made a coat since college, and that was just a shorty one that is way too thick for my liking. This coat is going to be full length, perhaps green with a fur collar (?), and overall a combination of a few coats I found on Net-A-Porter (also on my "inspire" board). Take a gander through my design process with me:

I definitely want a cape aspect, but I don't want the cape part fall past my elbows:

I love the back of this cape coat, and the length of the cape is perfect. It will still have sleeves though... I don't like cold arms.

I love a good hood, too. So warm and cozy. Imagine if my coat were green and the lining of the hood was leopard fur??? If there is a hood, maybe no collar?

 The combo of the last two pictures would be PRICELESS, right? ooo I'm so excited. Check back later for the pattern making steps!


Don't worry, it won't look like this:

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