Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do I've come up with a sketch for my coat, and I'm really loving it. I am concerned about what color I am going to do...I feel like with all the added details, like the cape and the fur collar, that I have to keep the color very simple, like a gray or navy. I'd hate to make a great coat so boring, but I feel like it's a must in this case. I love my fur and capes too much to pass them by for a plaid wool or bright grass green. Am I right? Seriously, I need your comments. 

The hood is going to be detachable. The sleeves are going to be bracelet length, which is right above the wrist. Ever notice that nothing I make goes all the way to my wrists? That's because I hate that claustrophobic feeling of something sitting there and getting dirty. eesh. 

Don't judge me by this rude sketch. My hands were freezing when I drew it and I kind of hurried it. 

I started the basic pattern making last night. From my basic sloper, I fashioned a basic coat foundation from the rules in my pattern-making book. From this, I'll make the design with a double-breasted opening, slat pockets, cape, hood, two-piece sleeves, and two-piece collar. 

stupid blogger getting my pictures all screwy.
The more I look at my sketch, the more I realize my coat should really be a simple boring color. O well. At leased there will be leopard fur. 

Famous last words.

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