Friday, November 11, 2011

Help me decide

I can't decide between these two wools for my coat. I am drawn to the plaid, but afraid of matching all the lines up in my coat like a nice burberry.

OOOORRRR should I listen to my theatrical side and go with something a bit more eye catching, maybe like this?

Remember though, I *am* using this fur for the collar and lining of the hood:

If I can't do something fun on the outside, maybe a party on the inside with mustard charmeuse as a lining?

Thoughts please.


  1. I like the herringbone best because the lighter color will make the dark fur color pop. From far away it'll look like a nice gray.
    And you've always got to have a party on the inside.

  2. herringbone tweed for sure! i love the idea of a fun lining.

  3. I like the herringbone as well.

  4. I do like the purple with a mustard lining... or the second choice. But I also don't see why you are so afraid of doing it in a fun color like you want just because it will be a more detailed coat. Do what you like!!

  5. Go for the plaid if you're up for a challenge, otherwise go w/ the herringbone. It's hard to pull of more than one interesting detail and the fur might just be the one for this project. Make a toggle coat out of the plaid.

  6. If it were my coat I would pick the herringbone pattern with the Mustard lining and ABSOLUTELY add the fur trim. I can't wait to see the process and final product!