Thursday, January 12, 2012

Umm hello two months ago!

I have a really great excuse. Honestly. On November 12, the day I stopped righting for two dang months, I decided to go back to school. 

Back. TO school. 

Fashion School, that is. At Salt Lake Community College. It was a big step to take only because my husband is also starting grad school at the exact same time that I start... which is this week! So life got pretty crazy pretty fast. I haven't even cut out my coat. I did make a dress, that I will be posting asap. I just have to line the sleeves, and we'll call it done. It is a great dress. I can't wait to show you! 

My coat will come to life. I promise. Some time this year while my creative mind slaves happily away in Fashion School. giddy.

 I went to NEW YORK CITY FOR EIGHT DAYS on vaca with my perfect husband. 

The vacation was.... breathtaking. I ate my butt off (not really...I didn't gain any weight, but I definitely didn't lose ANY!). 

The bakeries...the burgers....the bagels..... oh my the food. I dream about it. I had a crepe at a great place on the upper west side, it almost made me cry. I ordered a second it was so good.

I hope you cry from jealousy from my photos. You really should, or you have never known true joy. A new york joy. 

That crazy illusive food we call crepe. It had me at it's description on the menu: "Sweet butter and sugar crepe". Do ya get the gist of it? No. You can't. You weren't there as a swallowed every morsel. 

THE BAKERIES. The bakeries. So much love at Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy. Of all the bakeries found on our bakery crawls (yes, we crawled), Ferrara was our favorite. They ship their cannolis nationally!

And me, in front of my favorite store in the whole world. Henri Bendel #1. It's a real shame they stopped selling clothing in 2009 and just stuck with accessories. Their clothes were amazing. oh well. The spring in my step that came from holding that bag on my wrist all day shook the Brooklyn Bridge.
Oh and of COURSE I went to Mood. I bought a few things. All tax deductibles since I'm a student now, which I had to remind Steve of as the cashier rang us up for a small fortune.

I want to say that we'll move here someday. Steve absolutely loved the place. He still talks about it. He looks it up on Google Earth at work. If not in the city, we will definitely end up on the East Coast. Connecticut maybe. Just close enough to that elusive city.

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  1. So excited for you Ellen! And, I love the red hair!