Sunday, January 22, 2012

Academy Awards, Here I Come!

No, I haven't been in an independent film and no I'm not nominated for anything, but I am making an evening gown for my bridal/evening wear class at SLCC!! It's my favorite class so far this semester. My teacher is amazing and I know I am going to learn a TON. 

Last week after my first class our homework assignment was to design our gown, and show our inspiration. I designed a gown and brought in some swatches of fabric I already have (trying to be frugal and not spend a ton of money), but my teacher said my gold polyester sating I wanted to use for the skirt looked cheap. Ugh, you had me at polyester. So I scratched that whole sketch, and thought of another dress I had already designed, a dress I had in mind for my little sister for her wedding one day far, FAR INTO THE FUTURE (do you hear me, Liv?) This is my sketch:

The dress has a boned bodice, with a gold charmeuse under-lay (new fabric I'll be buying after all) with a black silk chiffon over-lay.  I bought this lace at Mood when I was in New York City over New Year's, which will be placed on the hem, the waist, possibly the neckline, and the hem on the sleeves. It's beige applique on black tulle. I love how modern and updated it is for a lace. I think it'll go well with the gold charmeuse.

This week I had to make the entire pattern for my dress, plus sew the muslin mock up and have everything ready by this Friday..... crazy town. SO much to do! I was able to get the pattern done using the slopers I already have from BYU (which I use for all the patterns I make for this blog) which is great and saved me a bunch of time. So far the muslin fits pretty well. I know I'll need to take it a bit (I've lost weight!)

In class I'll set the neckline to the V-neck in my sketch, get the fitting right, of course hem it, and fix the boning to fit my shape perfectly. I'm so excited. I've never sewn with boning before, except for at work doing alterations. I've never sewn a GOWN for start to finish before, either! It feels great! This week, before my Friday class, I have to make the sleeves and part of the skirt in the chiffon for my muslin. Pictures to come! 

Here is what the inside of my bodice looks like with bodice, if you care to tilting your head to the right since blogger screws up sometimes and doesn't turn the photos!!!


  1. Boning's the best! Using rigiline or sprung steel? Your sketch looks rather soft, is the boning an under structure only or is the bodice going to look structural? Excited for you to do such an extensive project! It's a lot of work, but you will feel so accomplished when you're done!

    1. The boning is definitely an under structure just so I can get the fit pretty tight without the waist collapsing. The dress will then have the gold charmeuse under lay, and then the black chiffon draped over, probably with some sort of pleats or ruching going into CF. I'm using rigiline, much easier than sprung steel!