Thursday, March 8, 2012

When I'm a little stressed.

Things aren't going well today. Things as in all my homework for school. I have my evening gown for my bridal class, advanced pattern making, I've entered an evening gown contest at school that is due April 10th and things aren't fitting to hot right now. I'm flying home to California in one week to make my little sister's prom gown. I am crazy stressed today. I'm so stressed I made Steve take me to Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantaion for all my Cali peeps) so i could overload Caesar salad with my favorite vegetable: beats.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. There is nothing like looking though my Inspire Board to get me out of a design funk. online pin boards are a lot easier than looking through piles and piles of magazine images, and I can share all my images with you! As I scroll through my hundreds of pinned images, things begin to look clearer in my design. I realize things I need to change, things I need to keep.

It's too bad I feel like I should start all over on my evening gown. Sad face. We'll see what happens in my bridal class tomorrow.

Should I make another jacket to get out of this funk?

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  1. Pinterest is such a life safer for people with careers heavily based in visual research!