Saturday, April 28, 2012

An evening gown, Part 2: The Musin *sorry it took forever to post again*

What kind of series is it, when part 1 is all fine and dandy, but part 2 doesn't return without a word, and doesn't show up again until a week later? Not cool, I say. not cool. Sorry I was MIA. This week threw me for a loop.

Anyway, the muslin. I think about 75% of the length of my Bridal and Evening Wear class at SLCC was about getting the fit right. I tried on my damn muslin dress every week, and every week the dress did get better and better, but it was really annoying to see that bland muslin color for so long. I was happy too finally cut out my silks. But as my teacher, Eugene said, the fit is EVERYTHING. And that muslin serves its purpose. There is no reason to not get the perfect fit at this stage, no matter how long it takes, because if the fit is off when you cut out your silks, then, well, you're in the pooper.

I cut out three different bodices in the canvas with new boning every time. Always pre-shrink canvas when you sew with it, because all the steam that is used can do a number on the duck cloth. I made this mistake, and then had to remake my whole bodice again with pre-shrunk duck cloth. It was very annoying.

I believe all this images have been on the blog before, but let's just reiterate this process again, since it is so important, shall we?

............ And i just looked through my phone and I think I accidentally deleted all my photos that I took of my muslin in class. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i only have the pics that were on the blog before.

Don't worry, the next posts will be better.

The 1st pic I took with my 1st muslin before any alterations. I wish you could see what the muslin looks like when it was all done and fitted :((((( sad. But this won't be the last muslin I make, honestly.

UGH I wish I had more photos. I'm so mad. Oh well, more to come.

Part 1: Inspiration

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