Monday, January 28, 2013

From the hiatus

I took a six month hiatus from blogging starting last May. I wanted to start writing again primarily because I feel like it is important to my career and to chronicle my projects. I was just looking at my gallery of projects in the link above, and noticed how outdated it is-- not just with the pictures, but with my sewing techniques. I have come a long way from when I first started sewing in 2008, that is for sure. I have learned to take my time with projects, to take a step back for a day or so and return to it. My garments always end up better when I take a few hours off and come back to it (which isn't so good if I ever want to do project runway...). 

This silk crepe a-line dress was made during my hiatus. I made it for myself for Christmas in my Bridal/Evening wear class, which is more of a couture technique class than anything, since we don't have to do bridal or even boning for our projects. We just have to make something really good, which is what I did with this dress. The neckline is a little too wide for my comfort, which I will have to change in my pattern when I make the next dress from it (I love it that much). I'm just mad I didn't realize that my necklace is hidden when Steve took these pictures of me before church yesterday. Just imagine this necklace with my dress-- it looks really good, I promise. 

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