Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meet Sophie

I have to fit my own stuff when I make jackets or blouses or anything for myself. It is really hard. I have had to teach Steve how to pin me up, the right way to pin, and how to identify wrinkles in garments that shouldn't be there. He now comments on anything I wear that doesn't fit right... his knowledge now is downright annoying and I've created a monster. 

With my dress form, however, I am able to add certain details to my garments wihtout having to wear it. I still have to fit myself a lot and Steve still has to pin me up all the time, but now I can add pleats or gathers, trims, place buttons, fix hems on my clothes using the form. 

Last night I worked on my peplum jacket. I wanted volume in the sleeve but not just with boring gathers. So I basted in the sleeve mock up into the armscye, tried it on, tried to pin some cool pleats in the sleeve while looking in a mirror. I then remembered I had a dress form, and could to this a lot easier. 

Cool pleats without the pain and backache!The sleeve is the fashion fabric:

Sometimes I forget Sophie (Yes, I've named her) is there, waiting to be used. And sometimes, when I come home late and my office is dark, I think she's a person and she scares me.

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