Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shoulder pads are not just for Beyonce

Today was a pretty successful day in terms of creation and making beautiful things by hand. I can't tell you how awesome it feels going to bed at midnight (the clock just hit 12 as I typed that) with tired hands and a sewing room floor covered in fabric scraps. 

This morning I had jewelry class again-- we meet twice a week and it is becoming one of my favorites so far. Last time I had made a copper ring not knowing why we had to make that 1st before using other metals... but after working with nickel and sterling silver, copper is like working with paper. It is almost TOO malleable. My second ring was made from nickel, which isn't too pretty at all, but much nicer with which to work. But the piece de resistance was the sterling silver-- hard, but not too hard, shiny, and oh so fun. I decided to add a hammered detail to the ring once it was all done. Some flicker is always nice.. I hope this picture shows it well enough:  

I am also taking tailoring this semester, which I had done at BYU many moons ago. Refreshed courses are always nice. So after jewelry class today I headed home and started on making the pattern, sewing the muslin, and pad-stitching the shoulder pads for tomorrow's class where we will be doing our first fitting. 

Pad-stitching is wonderful to do while watching the West Wing. It's almost hypnotizing. 

It's not unlike me to work on two or three projects at once. This past week instead of working on homework I've been sewing a peplum jacket with some wool that I have had forever. I hope to finish it this weekend! Pics to come, of course. Here is the adorable lining and facing I made up last night.. coral grosgrain and all...

Quite the day...

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