Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh baby, now THIS is an iron!

I bought a new iron!!!! I bought this baby online a few days ago after I had used the exact one at school a few times and just fell in love... The steam is so consistent and the iron isn't too heavy. It just glides. The very handsome Fedex man rang my doorbell an hour ago. Isn't he (the iron) beautiful???

I love how professional and industrial looking it is... since it is industrial and professional! it's really light, too, like it doesn't need all that pomp and flash at all, it's just a great iron. 

My favorite part? There is a turn on for the steam and the boiler. Water will be boiling and ready without wasting steam as it heats up. Steam will be ready once the other switch is flipped!

I'm selling my old iron. Anyone in Salt Lake interested?

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