Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reading Day

3 day weekend bliss. I am pushing all my homework till Monday (more like Monday night) and resting up today. I have about 3 months of W, Vogue, and Lucky magazine subscriptions to catch up on. I also have 3 new books to start on: The Smithsonian Fashion (Steve's Christmas gift to me), Making Trousers, and The Art of Manipulating Fabric

I had a little Amazon book therapy this morning too. I'm dying to make a leather jacket. dying. I have never sewn with leather before and there are no leather classes at SLCC Fashion Institute. As Fashion Club President, I am trying to set up a workshop on leather for the students. It is a communal need to sew with leather, beyond just making bags or accessories, but actual garments. 

I found this book this morning and it is perfect! I should get the book on Wednesday, and then after a little studying I'll buy the leather at Tandy Leather- I'm imagining a soft, sandy tan leather with a navy blue wool collar and welt pockets, and flared peplum. A quick sketch:

This weekend of rest will be good for my back. After about 13 hours straight free-motion sewing lace to chambray, I have to roll my back on a golf ball to get the knots out from under my right shoulder blade. Sewing isn't great on the body.

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