Sunday, February 17, 2013

Peplum wool jacket and my favorite studded booties

Steve took a break from watching the Twilight Zone this morning to finally take some pictures of my new wool peplum jacket. I love this jacket. I love that the fullness in the peplum is just right. I love the perfectly eased-in tight sleeves-- they are a little too tight to wear with regular sweaters, but I would rather have that then have a nice jacket with big ol' sleeves. The pleating on the sleeve shoulders did not work out at all- soo unflattering. Steve said they made me look like I was a woman playing a man in a Shakespearean play, like Viola in Twelfth Night... I imagine my hair cut didn't help that image. 

 I am going to base my leather jacket off of this pattern.

The maroon wool fabric and the orange grosgrain ribbon lining detail I chose look so good together!

***SLC PEEPS**** I am going to be on Channel 2 News tomorrow morning (Feb 18th) at 7:45 am to model and talk about my evening gown! Set your TiVos!!!!!!!

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