Thursday, June 10, 2010

Darkling, I Listen

It's no secret that I love the Romantic and Empire periods in both dress and literature. But an artsy fartsy romantic period movie? I'm all in. So of course, this morning I watched Bright Star on Netflix instant play as I worked on orders for Poor Man's Wife. I felt especially romantic with my window open and the candles lit! 

Fanny Braun's clothing in the movie is so great. Thing's that most inspired me in her wardrobe, as well as other's, are: 

The overall brooding mood. The black dresses with all the details involved, and then the peaking white ruffled collars. 

The bright, lighter moments of Fanny's costumes, like the knit sweaters and silk ruffled mushroom collar:

And of course, the HATS and Coats! I wish I could wear hats, but my face is too round. But this coat I could definitely do. I love how high up the coat is, almost as high as her blouse collar, which is probably why I chose such a large collar for the coat I'm making right now, and how it buttons all the way up. I just don't like open collars for some reason.

I have three Victorian pattern making books right now, and have yet to make anything from them. Perhaps a summer project (a long with my snake dress that I have YET to make)...


  1. Was it good?
    I saw a preview for that movie last night.
    I so want to see it.