Monday, June 28, 2010

Post Vacation Blues

My office is a mess.

My apartment is a mess. No food in the house, except my sister's dog's food. Anna is in Kenya with her husband for humanitarian aid for two and half weeks. I'm watching Lois. She's a cutie and keeps me company. I bought her two toys from Petco because I felt bad for her. She misses her mom. 

Did you know I love dogs? Like, looove dogs. Lois is our little practice pet until Steve and I get our own dog next month. Her name is going to be Harriet. I have her personality in my head, like she is a character in a movie. I hope the pound has a Harriet. I mean, I would take the entire pound if I could. We might get two dogs at once (maybe) (cross fingers). 

Any tips for babysitting someone else's dog? Lois seems a little confused. She hasn't been super affectionate with me, which she usually is when we go over to her house. I hope she's happy here. 

Did you spy my new present in the first picture? Mom got me a serger this week when I was home. It's a beauty. 

This is going to make the clothing line a lot easier!

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  1. I love dogs too. I think everyone should have a dog so that they can have that daily example of all that love.